The wealthy financier, by using an unnamed lawyer, forced her to enter a fraudulent wedding with an other woman in their orbit

An extremely personal Eastern European

In conversations with company Insider, her professional-school classmates described her as a extremely personal girl whom seldom talked about her individual life with other people. During the time that is same her manner and look made her stick out in a few methods.

Three classmates described her as “Eastern European. ” Based on the school that is professional yearbook, she formerly attended an university in Eastern Europe.

One peer that is former she usually wore costly brand name clothes that lots of graduate pupils would find it difficult to pay for. In colder months, she donned a white jacket that is fur-trimmed retails for approximately $900. 1 day, the classmate that is same, she pointed out traveling straight back from Miami, without describing why she ended up being here or whom she had been with.